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Smarthome: Amazon Echo Sub review

We're willing to wagered even Amazon couldn't have speculated its Alexa-empowered Echo speaker biological system would turn out to be so well known so quick. Following a fiercely effective year of Echo deals, Amazon discharged another age of speakers, extending in size from the small Dot to the tall-kid lager can-styled Echo Plus, and in doing as such, ventured up the sound quality choices. Be that as it may, even Amazon's best-sounding speaker, the as of late discharged second-age Echo Plus, needs the stuff to shake a gathering and round out a live with strong sounding bass. Enter the Amazon Echo Sub.
Amazon Echo Sub
Amazon heard surveys from stars and purchasers alike and addressed the call for greater sound, however we couldn't have anticipated it would have done as such with a sub. Google's answer is the Home Max, and Sonos has the Play:5, both huge speakers that occupy a ton of room and make their essence surely understood — there's no concealing them. With the Echo Sub, Amazon offers a major bass answer for proprietors of its smaller Echo speakers. One that can be concealed far out.

Here's the trick, however: The Echo Sub works for certain Echo speaker proprietors, and due to the manner in which it incorporates with Echo speakers, it's utilization is entirely constrained. Peruse on to see whether this little footrest of bass is something you ought to put resources into.


The Echo Sub comes bundled in a container nearly as smaller as the sub itself. Opening the container uncovers the Sub enveloped by plastic with just a power rope close behind and a touch of caution sticker over the power port guiding you to ensure your Echo speakers are good to go up before connecting the sub. Turns out, this isn't totally vital, yet it smooths out the setup procedure.

The Sub has quite recently enough weight to impart certainty that its segments are of decent quality; a lightweight sub is never a decent sub. The cabinetry sounds sufficiently dormant for infusion formed plastic, however a thump on the top up top had us concerned we may hear some humming when things got rowdy.

The sub is enclosed by what is turning into an exceptionally recognizable looking texture, and the top has a matte charcoal completion. All things considered, this is one of the more appealing and reduced subs we've looked into.


In the event that you peer through one of a few plastic vents on the sub's underside, you can see its 6-inch woofer. The driver has a vigorous encompass – likewise a decent sign – and the engine structure feels durable also. Hurl in what Amazon claims is a 100-watt amp (certainly advanced) and you have the makings of a respectable little subwoofer.

With respect to highlights, that is about it. There's an activity catch on the back of the sub to help reset it when essential, however you'll discover no sources of info or yields. There's no real way to associate this subwoofer to something besides an Echo speaker.


We must hand it to Amazon for making what we stressed would be a troublesome setup process a shockingly basic issue. Draw up the Alexa application on an iOS, Android, or Fire gadget, press the new house symbol on the base right, click the little in addition to symbol in the upper right corner, click Add gadget, select Echo, at that point Echo Sub.

Amazon Echo Sub

Riley Young/Digital Trends

When the sub has been connected, it will show up as a gadget you can snap to include. Our own said FRP Plus, which lost us for a minute, yet subsequent to giving it a go, we learned we were without a doubt including the sub. The subsequent stage includes associating it to your Wi-Fi organize. On the off chance that you have mutiple, make sure to add the sub to a similar system to which your Echo speaker(s) is associated.

The last setup step includes matching the sub with an Echo speaker or speakers to make a gathering. For our tests, we matched the Sub with a third-gen Echo Dot, second-gen Echo, third-gen Echo Plus, and two second-gen Echo speakers, all in surround sound. We'll remark on the execution of every combo beneath, on the whole, we should discuss the sub's bass execution.


The Echo Sub isn't a hello there fi gadget (we have a recommendation for extraordinary bass at little to no cost with greater adaptability beneath), yet it is decent and in accordance with what we anticipated.

All things considered, the Echo Sub can get boisterous. In the event that you live in a loft, you could annoy the neighbors on the off chance that you needed to. The Sub can likewise play somewhat more profound than we were anticipating. It begins moving off at 50Hz and is finished playing anything capable of being heard by about 40Hz. That is much superior to anything most PC speaker-style subwoofers, which is intriguing in light of the fact that that is the nearest item correlation we could concoct for the Echo Sub. It's superior to anything a PC speaker sub, yet not exactly as tight and refined as a home-theater subwoofer.

Honestly, the Echo Sub can get boisterous.

Our test tracks incorporated D'Angelo's Brown Sugar, Mark Ronson's Uptown Funk highlighting Bruno Mars, the Roisto Remix of Charlie Puth's How Long, Snarky Puppy's Lingus, and Oscar Peterson's Tricrotism cut from The Sound of the Trio (since, Ray Brown).

One of our main concerns was that the Echo Sub would need to cover the bass range so high into the mid-bass area that we'd most likely hear the sub's arrangement – in a perfect world a sub will just play frequencies so low that you can't tell what they are accustomed to. Luckily, however, we didn't experience much difficulty with the sub giving its area away except if we set it far from the Echo speakers it was combined with. Our recommendation is to do your best to keep the sub close to the Echo speakers it is working with to get the most consistent mix. In the event that you do it right, it will simply appear your Echo or Echo Plus got a ton greater.

amazon reverberation sub

Dan Baker/Digital Trends

The nature of bass reaction was, once more, good. For music – which is just pretty much all it will play at the present time – it's adequate to get a major, powerful stable equipped for filling in as the establishment of a gathering. It sounds fine at both low and noisy volumes, and it's not "one-note" bass, where you get a static reverberation and a cluster of pound without definition. We could unmistakably hear in order notes created by Ray Brown's upstanding bass, just as the profound automaton of the bass on Brown Sugar.

Matched with the new Echo Dot, there was a sufficient hole between where the Dot quit playing bass and where the Echo Sub grabbed that we could select. The Echo Dot may appear to be an odd blending for the Echo Sub, however at this point the new Dot sounds like a genuine speaker, it bodes well. An Echo Dot with an Echo sub is the ideal mix of uproarious sound and far out speaker.

Matching two Echo speakers and the Echo Sub offered an impressive 2.1 sound framework.

Coordinated with the second-age Echo speaker, we got an astonishingly full solid. The matching had more body and progressively articulated treble, with a substantially more exact midrange.

Matching two Echo speakers and the Echo Sub offered an impressive 2.1 sound framework. This game plan is accessible as a group for $250 at the present time – a $80 rebate — and we think about that one serious arrangement. The sheer measure of sound you get from this specific gathering of speakers is stunning at the cost. We additionally delighted in having genuine stereo impact and something of a soundstage with profundity. This would be a stellar framework for an apartment.

The best sounding setup, in any case, would need to be an Echo Plus or two Echo Plus speakers matched in surround sound with an Echo sub. The Echo Plus is a vastly improved sounding speaker than the second-gen Echo, regardless of whether it is about a similar size. It has a bigger principle driver and an all the more dominant tweeter, and the aftereffect of the redesigns is better midbass and progressively controlled, point by point treble. This would likewise be the most costly course of action, packaged at $330, which is somewhat expensive and incorporates a repetitive second savvy home center point, however regardless it speaks to an investment funds of $100.


We're tragic to state that tantamount to the Echo Sub plays out, the manner in which it is incorporated with Echo speakers implies its utilization is constrained to playing music and digital recordings. You can't interface your telephone to your Echo speaker and stream anything from it without breaking the association between the Echo speaker and the Sub.

Amazon Echo Sub

Riley Young/Digital Trends

This additionally implies you can't associate your Fire TV to the framework and get TV sound to your speakers. That is a genuine disgrace as it is a conspicuous use case, and one we figure a great deal of people would appreciate exploiting. Maybe we'll see this fixed not far off. Until further notice, however, you'll get no sound from your recordings to the Echo sub.


The Echo Sub accompanies a 1-year constrained guarantee, much the same as most Amazon-made gadgets. Supplemental guarantees are likewise accessible for procurement.


The Echo Sub is planned and furnished to complete one quite certain thing and do it all around ok. It prevails at offering boisterous, decently profound and strong bass to qualified Amazon Echo speakers, and does it effortlessly. That is the place its utility stops, however. The Echo Sub is worked for a quite certain sort of Amazon fan.

Is there a superior option?

Not for Echo speakers, no. One could jury-rig a framework utilizing connector links and two reverberation speakers where one served the sub, however it would be somewhat entangled to keep running as a gathering and not as financially savvy. In the event that you touched base here wanting to get great bass for as little as possible, look at this subwoofer from Monoprice. It plays profound and noisy, and is amazingly able at the cost.

To what extent will it last?

We think the Echo Sub will most likely keep going up to an Echo Speaker is probably going to last. Future adaptations might be increasingly adaptable and incredible, yet the Sub itself will keep going sufficiently long for clients to get allured by something different not far off.

Amazon's Echo lineup has become famous as a group of keen speakers with better than expected, however not premium, sound. The Echo Sub, a savvy subwoofer that sets with (a few) Echo speakers, is Amazon's endeavor to break that form. At $129.99, it's a helpful expansion for keen mortgage holders who effectively claim an Echo speaker, however need to bring the bass.


Configuration: Expanded Echo

As opposed to a substantial box, as I for the most part anticipate from a subwoofer, Amazon has settled on a fat, barrel shaped adaptation of its littler Echo speakers: dull work texture with an adjusted top.

I value that the Sub keeps the tasteful of the remainder of the Echo lineup. It nearly looks adorable beside the Echo Plus, similar to we're seeing a group of sorts.

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Then again, at 8.3 creeps crosswise over by 8 inches tall, the Sub is a bit excessively reminiscent of a rubbish can for my enjoying. (It's likewise 9.3 pounds). I experienced difficulty finding a spot to place it in my lounge room where it wouldn't watch somewhat strange — not at all like a soundbar, it's not intended to mix in.

Setup and Compatibility

With regards to matching the Echo Sub with different speakers, your choices are constrained. It just works with Echo gadgets: You can't attach it to your TV or a soundbar, and it won't work with some other outsider speaker. Also, only one out of every odd Echo gadget is upheld: You'll need the first or second Gen Echo, first or second Gen Echo Plus, first or second Gen Echo Show, or third Gen Echo Dot. Quite, this implies it won't work with any of the more seasoned Echo Dot models, or with the Echo Spot.

Credit: Amazon

Credit: Amazon

Setup may not be unreasonably troublesome for clients who have set up stereo matches previously, yet it's more required than the 3-minute setup procedure of gadgets like the Echo Plus and the Echo Show.

You can match the Sub with up to two Echo speakers of a similar sort. Be that as it may, if the two speakers are as of now matched, you'll need to unpair them first, which is somewhat of a torment.

The procedure is as per the following: After setting up the Echo speaker (or speakers) you'll be matching your Sub with, you register your Sub in the Alexa application and press the catch on the base of the Sub to put the gadget in setup mode. At that point, hang tight for the application to discover the two speakers and pair them.

On two distinctive Wi-Fi systems, the Alexa application had issues doing this. It initially couldn't discover the Sub, at that point couldn't discover the Echo I was attempting to match it with, at that point couldn't discover my Wi-Fi arrange. A few times all through the procedure, it ended up inert or smashed. When it at last found the two gadgets, I needed to hang tight a few minutes for them to match.

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I'm alleviated that I was, at last, ready to match the gadget, however various Amazon analysts who had comparative issues couldn't extra the time. Regardless of whether the procedure had gone easily, be that as it may, despite everything I wish we could combine and unpair the Sub with voice directions alone.

Sound Quality

The Echo Sub is double the measure of the Echo, and it pretty much duplicates the sound. The bass it includes is absolutely amazing — here and there excessively ground-breaking.

In "Under strain" by Queen and David Bowie, the standard was pronounced to the point that I could feel the floor underneath me vibrating to the beat. The percussion was sharp, and I felt the crash of the bass drum through my entire body. Be that as it may, the low tones overpowered the vocals, and I couldn't make out the melody's words.

I could hear the more intense and more honed vocals in Spice Girls' "Wannabe," yet with the blasting bass layered over, I could scarcely hear the guitar out of sight.

Solid bass is, obviously, the motivation behind a subwoofer. Yet, I would have enjoyed increasingly exact equalizer controls to enable me to adjust the sound for every melody. Alexa's equalizer settings enable you to set the bass, treble and midrange tones from short 6 to 6, yet I didn't have an incredible thought of what each tone would seem like at each dimension, so it took me a ton of experimentation finagling to locate the right parity for every tune.

Given the Sub's volume, I likewise experienced some difficulty making equalizer modifications while melodies were playing. I frequently ended up yelling "Alexa, turn down the bass!" again and again, while the Sub's gigantic sound obstructed Echo from picking my voice.

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Before you put resources into the Sub, I prescribe that you attempt the Echo Show and Echo Plus (or a couple of Echo Plus speakers). The two speakers previously bring phenomenal bass that isn't as overpowering, and is simpler to modify with voice.

All things considered, the sound understanding from an Echo combined with an Echo Sub was vastly improved than the sound you'll get from the Echo or Echo Plus alone, however not tantamount to what you'll get notification from a premium soundbar matched with a subwoofer.

When I tuned in to an especially premonition tune from the "Entry" soundtrack on the Alexa-empowered Sonos Beam ($399) and the Sonos Sub ($699), I felt like the symphony was encompassing me. Notwithstanding where in my condo I moved the Echo Sub, I would never fully repeat that encompass sound understanding.

Main concern

Audiophiles searching for premium sound, or any individual who needs to attach their subwoofer to a TV or outsider speaker, might need to consider a soundbar, for example, the pricier Sonos Beam and Sonos Sub. In any case, on the off chance that you need to match with an Echo speaker explicitly, and you're on a more tightly spending plan, the Echo Sub is a not too bad, moderate choice.

Would it be a good idea for you to get it?

Truly. In case you're an Echo speaker client who needs to make a full-sized framework out of your Alexa gadget, this is the best way to do it, and the outcomes are truly great. Consequently, we offer our Recommended Product identification.

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