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Checkout Philips Hue Play review

Philips Hue keen lighting may have been around over six years, however this year, the Dutch mammoth has gunned its development motor, propelling a swathe of one of a kind gadgets to enlighten your home and patio nursery in new ways. They incorporate another open air go highlighting the astounding Philips Hue Calla pathway light close by rich indoor lights, light strips, and the sky is the limit from there.

The Hue Play Light Bar likely could be the most fascinating thing with regards to a developing scope of luminaires. Estimated at $70, with a two-pack accessible at $130, this reduced light is intended for use behind your TV, washing your dividers with a decision of 16 million hues.
Philips Hue Play Light Bar review
Obviously, making lovely TV backgrounds isn't new to Philips. Proprietors of the organization's Ambilight TVs, propelled in 2004, have profited by such an element for a long time. LEDs installed in the back of those TVs venture light on dividers, with hues coordinating the on-screen activity. Philips figured it made "a progressively vivid survey understanding," and as past proprietors of Ambilight TVs, we concurred.

Having sold off their TV division some time prior, the chance to reproduce components of the Ambilight experience appears to be an incredible move.


Not at all like a portion of the more slick luminaires in the Philips Hue run, the Play Bar is very fundamental. As opposed to the equipment owning an inside plan expression, the Play Bar depends on its yield for effect. Clad basically in a dark or white plastic encompass with an iced white front, the gadget bolsters a flexible determination of mounting choices.

You can put the light legitimately over your TV bureau, utilizing its level base, or a calculated, rubber treated back undertakings light upwards. Then again, stands incorporated into the container enable you to mount the Play Bar in the level or vertical introduction. For the cleanest look, self-cement strips and round mounts can be utilized to fix the lights legitimately to the back of your TV. It's conceivable you'll wish to attempt diverse mounts and positions for the Play Bar to advance the atmosphere. Exchanging between mounts is simple, however Philips has decided on an effectively losable hex key for the mounting screws, which makes life somewhat less basic.

Something else, establishment is direct. The included power connector can acknowledge up to three gadgets, which keeps your TV bureau clean. It implies you can include the $60 Play Light Bar augmentation pack, whenever wanted, without requiring another connector. All things considered, it's really substantial, and the pins are arranged seriously. That implies that the connector obstructs various outlets on an electrical extension. On the in addition to side, there's a lot of link length accessible to extend either side of even substantial TVs.


Getting ready for action with Hue Play isn't excessively precarious – especially on the off chance that you just wish to exploit its base highlights. Similarly as with all Philips Hue lights, you will require a Hue connect ($60 or packaged with a starter unit) to interface the Play Light Bar to your home system. Design is overseen through a going with cell phone application (iOS/Android). We had no issues finding the lights, which were accessible for use in merely seconds.

Attempt distinctive mounts and positions to advance the feeling.

Light yield is evaluated at 530 lumens, much lower than the most extreme 806 lm radiated from an ordinary Hue knob however more than worthy for highlight lighting. With a choice of 16 million hues, it's straightforward and extraordinary enjoyable to explore different avenues regarding distinctive colorscapes behind the TV. A complete exhibit of shading and brilliance settings give granular control, while predefined scenes offer an assortment of palettes to attempt. Dissimilar to prior ages of Philips Hue lights, we experienced no issues with shading exactness – greens and blues were profound and distinctive.

Dig somewhat more profound into the Hue application, and you'll discover a choice of increasingly creative instruments for light control. You can choose shading palettes from your most loved photographs, set clocks, and trigger lighting at dusk and dawn. Voice control works splendidly with both the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Propelled savvy home supervisors will likewise cherish a swathe of formulas accessible at, which associate your lights to a universe of outsider administrations and gadgets.


In the event that you've just put resources into Hue at home, you might ponder what makes the Hue Light Bar extraordinary, beside a smooth structure factor and novel mounts. The appropriate response is a component called Hue Sync. Accessible for quite a while as a trial in the Philips Hue application, Hue Sync enables you to synchronize your lights with amusements, recordings or music played on a Windows 10 PC or MacOS PC.

Philips Hue Play Light Bar survey

Terry Walsh/Digital Trends

It's the organization's endeavor to reproduce a portion of that Ambilight TV experience, yet in more divided path than anybody might want. In case you're the person that still has a devoted HTPC snared to the wide screen television, the impact is consistent. Every other person has a little work to do, however the outcomes can be entrancing.

With a choice of 16 million hues, it's basic and extraordinary enjoyable to explore different avenues regarding distinctive colorscapes behind the TV.

To start with, you'll have to download an independent Hue Sync application on your PC of decision, at that point pair the gadget with your Hue connect. On Windows, we observed establishment to be direct, yet on Mac OS High Sierra, we were tormented with prompts to change various low-level security and openness settings required for similarity. That is not the blame of Philips, however it stays excruciating.

From that point, head back to the Hue versatile application to make what they call a "Diversion region" – a characterized bunch of lights inside a room encompassing the TV. When you've chosen the lights to use with Hue Sync, you simplified symbols on screen to design their position. A few demonstrative tests later, and the component was prepared. As setup encounters go, there was more truly difficult work than we preferred, and we before long understood that our work was not yet done.


Lights heartbeat to a palette and force based on your personal preference when you stream music through Spotify or play on a nearby application like VLC or YouTube in an internet browser. We were inspired by the component's low inertness, which guaranteed light impacts were synchronized firmly to beats.

While breathing life into rooms by consolidating our most loved EDM tracks and Hue Sync's power settings, we additionally delighted in the wonderful mood made with slower music from craftsmen like Nils Frahm, Slow Meadow, and Solar Fields. Dial down power settings to Subtle, and Hue Sync completes a splendid activity of identifying and showing light, shade, and surface in your music determination. It's an incredible method to investigate and encounter your music gathering in another light.

Get ready for some system show experimentation and have a HDMI link helpful for your PC. 2005 just came calling.

Yet, on the off chance that you don't have your PC fastened to the extra large screen, synchronizing Hue Play can be a noteworthy test. When playing recordings straightforwardly on the gadget, we discovered Hue Sync works superbly, precisely repeating prevailing hues showed on screen. A sound alternative can likewise be flipped, which further adjusts lighting to voices, music, and impacts, for example, blasts. Reproducing that experience on the extra large screen, in any case, is intense without links.

Tone Sync will work with screen reflecting tech like Chromecast, Miracast, and AirPlay. Along these lines, when you reflect your PC's work area to your TV (which is the main mode in which it works), you can match up your lights with the on-screen activity. Be that as it may, gushing your work area can push a remote system to the brink of collapse, especially in case you're skipping content from a system drive. Present system inertness, and an idea tied down on synchronization just breaks down.

In that capacity, in case you're amped up for the capability of utilizing Hue Sync for film night, get ready for some system show experimentation, and have a HDMI link helpful for your workstation. The year 2005 just came calling.


The possibility of utilizing Hue Sync in gaming made them salivate. Its an obvious fact that RGB lighting is enormous news in PC gaming and this year, gadgets like Logitech's G560 gaming speakers, NZXT's Hue 2 lighting framework, and Razer Chroma are endeavoring to make increasingly vivid gaming encounters through lighting. At dispatch, Philips Hue works with Razer Chroma gadgets to enable lights to repeat the on-screen activity without the requirement for the Hue Sync application. For different setups, Philips guarantees their application will catch in-diversion impacts (for PCs and Macs, not amusement supports) and make an interpretation of them promptly to lights, for example, Hue Play, or undoubtedly, any Hue globule.

In our tests, execution was conflicting. Together, Hue Sync and Play can complete an excellent activity at reproducing the shades of static, work area foundations with exact shading examining and little inertness. Flame up a diversion, nonetheless, and the experience parts. Taking care of business, the experience is excellent. Forza Horizon 3 illuminates the stay with the gloomy orange sands of the Australian outback, brilliant yellows of Byron Bay shorelines and the chilly, cold tints of Blizzard Mountain.

Somewhere else, issues flourish. In Overwatch, we encountered rehashed issues with the correct light turning off completely amid interactivity (even in light territories). On different events, it functioned admirably. Different recreations we attempted, for example, The Witcher 3 and The Division endured periods where the Hue Play's shading yield basically didn't change, in spite of the activity on screen.

Selection by keen TV stages and media applications, as Plex, is truly necessary.

By and large, Hue Play feels like a work in advancement – an endeavor to feature the capability of Hue Sync and a developing job for Philips Hue in the domain of home diversion. At the point when the equipment, programming, media and the administrations required to stick the experience meet up, the Hue Play light bar truly sparkles.

Yet, there's more work to do to refine Hue Play and its related stage – it's probably going to be a group diversion. Appropriation by keen TV stages and media applications, as Plex, is genuinely necessary. Expelling the dependence on a PC-facilitated match up application would guarantee a simpler and increasingly consistent music and video experience on the wide screen. In gaming, joint effort with more equipment makers like Razer and proceeded with refinement on significant titles will include consistency and could position Hue Play as an absolute necessity have frill in both the parlor and cave.


The Philips Hue guarantee ensures items are free from imperfections in material and workmanship for a long time.


Philips Hue Play is an intriguing introduction in a developing item classification. On this appearing, it's not exactly prepared for standard clients, yet it's certainly one to watch.

Is there a superior option?

It's initial days for synchronized excitement lighting, with makers testing the market with different gadgets predominately engaged around gaming PCs. On the off chance that you're quick to make a jump, at that point look at Logitech's $200 G560 gaming speakers, with implanted back confronting RGB LED lights. PC manufacturers can likewise investigate the forthcoming $75 NZXT Hue 2 (no connection) RGB Lighting Kit. Keep in mind too that Hue Sync works with any Philips Hue shading RGB knob, so in case you're as of now put resources into Hue, you can play with the potential outcomes today.

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